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Symposium Day Two

Friday 2 August 2024

Giving a Speech
Reconceptualising Curriculum in Education:
the core to inspiring and engaging all learners

Program Outline (Day Two)

Arrival | Registration - Pre-Function Area, Level 1, Hotel Grand Chancellor | Tea and Coffee 
[All Presenters please note for your convenience, sound and tech checks available 7:30am-8:30am]    

Plenary | Wickham and Leichardt Room combined, level 1 - all delegates 8:45am to 12:15pm      
Welcome | Housekeeping - Dr Deborah Price, ACSA President | Helen Vonow, ACSA Executive Director
Acknowledgment to Country | Special Guest - Peter Mulcahy (Bio here)


Keynote 4 - Culturally Responsive Schooling: Improving Teachers capacity to connect student life worlds and curriculum. Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney AM, UniSA (Abstract & Bio HERE)


Audience Poll - comments & questions


VIP Panel 3 – Panellists: Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney AM + Professor Lee Anne Perry AM + Dr Debra Dank. Panel Chair: Professor Marie Brennan (Abstract and Bios HERE)


Table discussion 


Morning Tea


Keynote 5 - Inspiring engagement of learners as curriculum agents; co-creating & personalising learning. Professor Donna Pendergast AM, Director Engagement, Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor, Griffith University (Bio HERE Abstract- coming soon)



Audience Poll - comments & questions


VIP Panel 4 – Panellists: Professor Donna Pendergast AM + Associate Professor Thelma Parker + Dr. James Curran. Panel Chair: Professor Lee Anne Perry AM (Abstract and Bios HERE)






WORKSHOPS - Leaders and role models in the field


Workshop 1 | Roma Room

How do we embrace & value learners to feel a sense of BELONGING in the classroom? Practical strategies to build RELATIONSHIP and CONNECTEDNESS as an imperative to academic achievement.  Professor Melitta Hogarth, Indigenous Knowledge Institute, Vic (Bio & Abstract HERE)

Workshop 1 | Terrace Room

Curriculum design that embeds and enacts principles of EQUITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE. Supportive best practices that influence culture – school wide and in the classroom. Christine Hill, Executive Manager Educational Services, Carinity, Qld and Sharyn IVE, Director of School Campus at Carinity Education Shalom (Abstract & Bios HERE) 

Workshop 1 | Wickham Room

 How can ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) developments be used as part of Curriculum Design? Melanie Hughes, Curriculum Specialist, Technologies, ACARA (Abstract & Bio HERE)

Workshop 1 | Leichardt Room

Creating opportunities for the GIFTED & TALENTED to reach their potential. Michele Juratowitch, Director Clearing Skies (Abstract & Bio HERE)


Afternoon Tea


WORKSHOPS - Leaders and role models in the field

Workshop 2 (Roma Room)

Curriculum Design that includes practical strategies to ensure WELLBEING is embedded and permeates throughout learning.  Ken Lountain, Director, Curriculum Development, DfE SA (Abstract & Bio HERE)

Workshop 2 (Terrace Room)

DECOLONISING the SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT – building community in the classroom, the wider school and the community. Showcasing best practice. Terry O’Hanlon-Rose, Executive Principal, Director of Teaching & Learning, Silkwood School, Qld (Abstract & Bio HERE)

Workshop 2 (Wickham Room)

Curriculum Leadership - Guiding staff to use curriculum resources as TOOLS to SHAPE and RECONCEPTUALISE curriculum. Dr Mary Oski, Director Learning & Regional Services, and Ms Shauna-Maree Sykes, General Manager Improved Learning Outcomes, MACS Vic (Bio & Abstract HERE)

Workshop 2 (Leichardt Room)

PERSONALISED LEARNING: Engaging with GEN AI through understanding, evaluation and reflection for ethical learning. Mrs Emily Ashcroft, Lecturer and PhD Candidate (Bio & abstract HERE)



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