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DECOLONISING the SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT – building community in the classroom, the wider school and the community. Showcasing best practice

Workshop 2 | Dr Terry O’Hanlon-Rose and Team | Friday 2 August, 2:30pm | Terrace Room 


This workshop will outline the learning design of a transformative approach to delivering P-12 learning which has been implemented throughout this three-campus school. Silkwood’s Personal Learning Profiles, Individual Learning Plans, Graduate Portfolios and Exhibitions are essential to this Learning Design and purposively engages families in their child's learning journey by making their improvement and development extremely transparent. Teachers who are referred to as Advisors, meet with each family and student every semester as part of our Exhibition and PLP processes which dive deeply into the student's individual learning to discuss their journey and to identify goals for further improvement. This has not only engaged everyone in the learning process but has also ensured that the goals set for students are developmentally appropriate for that student and the next natural progression.

Dr Terry O’Hanlon-Rose 

Executive Principal - Silkwood Independent School, Gold Coast, QLD

Dr Terry O'Hanlon-Rose is an experienced educator of 40 years, and had lead Innovative Practice in School Communities as Principal for over 25 years. His research in transformative models of schooling is widely used as a basis for further research studies and changes to pedagogical practice. Terry was awarded a Fellowship of the Australian College of Educators and received the National Literacy & Numeracy in Education Award, the De Bono Innovation award and the Australasian IT & T Excellence Award for his work in colleges and schools.

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