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Meet the sponsors of the 2024 ACSA Biennial Symposium

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Gold Sponsorship 

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The Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) is the peak body for the state’s 22 Catholic School Authorities that operate 312 Catholic schools and 29 kindergartens across Queensland. The 15-member Commission is led by an independent chair and includes representatives from across the state. Supported by a secretariat, QCEC also collaborates with various committees, drawing on the wisdom and expertise within the Catholic education sector. QCEC makes statewide policies and acts in areas including funding, advocacy, research, and industrial relations. We advocate with government and policymakers, ensuring that the voice of Catholic school communities is heard when important decisions are being made.

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Queensland Catholic Education Commission

Bronze Sponsorship 

Essential Assessment

Bronze Sponsorship 

Essential Assessment is a leading provider of a unique Numeracy and Literacy assessment model that delivers a whole-school approach to summative and formative assessment. We support over 2800 Australian schools by providing consistent, curriculum-aligned data to track and monitor growth


Australian Taxation Office

Bronze Sponsorship 

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is the principal revenue collection agency of the Australian Government. The ATO offers a range of curriculum-aligned resources to support the teaching of tax and superannuation using authentic contexts. Our secondary school resource Tax, Super + You is a complete learning management system and includes fun, animated and interactive elements designed to appeal to students. Tax, Super + You brings you high-quality teacher-developed resources to use in class. All our resources are free, easy to use and aligned with the Australian Curriculum and other syllabuses around Australia.

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