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Curriculum design that embeds and enacts principles of EQUITY and SOCIAL JUSTICE. Supportive best practices that influence culture – school wide and in the classroom

Workshop 1 | Christine Hill and Sharyn Ive | Friday 2 August, 1:15pm | Terrace Room 


Presented by Christine Hill – Executive Manager Education Services Carinity and Sharyn Ive – Head of School Carinity Education Shalom


Increasing numbers of young people are disengaging from learning in Australia which has led to a corresponding increase in the number of schools operating within a special assistance school model. The 2020 Mparntwe Education Declaration promotes a curriculum which encourages and supports every student to be the very best they can be, no matter where they live or what kind of learning challenges they may face: to thrive as a result of their learning. By respecting the diverse experiences of individual students and placing these individuals at the centre of their learning, educators can assist in the re-engagement of disenfranchised young people. Using principles of social justice and equity these learners can be inspired to develop individual goals and work towards seeing their goals turn into reality. As a result, learners are equipped to become valuable contributors within their communities. We will consider the needs of learners who fail to meet with success in the mainstream classroom and also the specific needs of First Nation students. We will further examine strategies to re-engage marginalised learners in the school community as a whole, as well as within the classroom from our own experiences in the Queensland setting. Every young person has a right to learn, to dream and to achieve. Every young person has the right to a positive educational experience.

Christine Hill 

Executive Manager Educational Services, Carinity, Qld

Christine Hill is the Executive Manager Education Services for Carinity, a project of Queensland Baptists. Carinity operates five school campuses throughout Queensland for young people who are disengaged or disengaging from education as well as a mainstream school primarily catering for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Townsville. Christine has been involved in education for the past thirty-five years across two states, in diverse roles as a teacher, Director of Curriculum, Principal and parent. In her current role Christine works with Principals to ensure all students are able to access curriculum which is relevant to their needs in order to have success in learning.

Sharyn IVE

Director of School Campus at Carinity Education Shalom

Sharyn Ive is the Director of School Campus at Carinity Education Shalom. She is an experienced educator with expertise in the areas of Curriculum, Indigenous and inclusive education. During Sharyn's tenure as Head of Curriculum, Shalom was named Australia's most improved school for Year 9 NAPLAN. She is passionate about discovering innovative solutions to educational barriers and fostering a welcoming, safe environment where all students are championed. Sharyn's connection with students is the impetus behind her goal to promote justice, equity, and accessibility in education, enabling all young people to dream.

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