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Would you like to be a Trade Display exhibitor?

Trade Display

Each Trade Display will be entitled to complimentary day time catering (x2) for the duration of the Symposium. 

Two Days: $1200
One Day: $600

Trade Display Location 

Trade Displays will be located directly outside the main plenary, level 1 of the hotel.

Each trade space is allocated individually.

Trade Display Size

Each Trade Display will be provided with x1 standard 6ft trestle table, x1 tablecloth, and power access upon request.

There will be additional costs to display companies if booths are required rather than trade trestle tables.

Set up Times

Thursday 1st August | 7am to 9am (to be confirmed)

Friday 2nd August | before 8.00am (to be confirmed)

Bump Out Times

Thursday 1st August | by 5:30pm (to be confirmed)

Friday 2nd August | by 5:30pm (to be confirmed)

* ACSA does not assume responsibility for resources left overnight. These are left at risk of the Trade Display presenter. For further information on security please contact the hotel. 

Please note

  1. Sponsors will have priority on available Trade Display spaces. 

  2. Remaining Trade Display Spaces will be allocated in order of date request 

  3. Limited number of Trade Display spaces available

  4. Gold sponsors will be given first choice for Trade Display set up locations in order of arrival on the day.  

If you would like to be considered as a candidate for a Trade Display, please contact our Marketing, Communications and Events Assistant, Jasmine Vonow, in the ACSA Office at or ring 02 6260 5660.

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