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Australian Curriculum Studies Association

Reconceptualising Curriculum in Education:

the core to inspiring and engaging all learners

Business Meeting


Delegates will leave the Symposium with a refreshed and inspired understanding about

  • What CURRICULUM is: what counts as knowledge?

  • The purpose of CURRICULUM

  • The way CURRICULUM permeates every aspect of education

  • Their own role in working collaboratively in shaping CURRICULUM

  • Best practice models that can inform CURRICULUM enactment for their contexts

Delegates will wrestle with big picture CURRICULUM essentials

  • What is it? What is its purpose? What has it become?

  • How do teachers and leaders understand it, shape it, use it?

Delegates will deeply explore current & contemporary CURRICULUM conversations and engage with rich CURRICULUM models in practice. Delegates will be challenged to reconceptualise CURRICULUM.

Who is this Symposium for?

Those involved in or seeking to influence education through robust curriculum conversation. An opportunity to engage and wrestle with different points of view, in light of current research, and its potential impact on curriculum. A platform offering safety and respect for those sharing various perspectives.

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the outstanding line up of keynotes & breakout sessions.

The Curriculum Symposium offers:


A sincere THANKYOU to our sponsors

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