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Guidance for school leaders on curriculum management and planning at a whole school level

Masterclass 2 | Danielle Cavanagh | Thursday 1 August, 4:00pm | Terrace Room 


The Australian Curriculum sets the expectations for what students should be taught, regardless of their background or where they live. Using the Australian Curriculum to plan for student learning exists at many levels within a school, at a whole school level there are a range of aspects school leaders consider as they develop approaches to curriculum management and planning. These aspects are not a checklist but an interconnected set of factors which influence the way in which the Australian Curriculum is implemented. This masterclass will highlight how school leaders may develop collaborative approaches to sequencing learning, using the 3-dimensional curriculum, building teacher capacity, including all learners, connecting curriculum and assessment, managing multi-age classes, engaging with First Nations Australians and evaluating resources.

Danielle Cavanagh

Manager, Curriculum Support Resources, Curriculum Specialist, ACARA

Danielle Cavanagh, Manager Support Resources and Curriculum Specialist, General Capabilities and Primary, Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). Danielle is currently leading the development of advice and resources for school leaders on approaches to curriculum management and implementation in schools. She has led and coordinated the development and review of the F–10 Australian Curriculum: General Capabilities. Danielle is an experienced primary educator with a demonstrated history of supporting schools with curriculum implementation across urban, regional and remote areas of the Northern Territory. During her career Danielle was a classroom teacher, curriculum leader, Deputy Principal and Primary Education Advisor for Catholic Education Northern Territory. As ACARA’s Curriculum Specialist: General Capabilities she has led projects including General Capabilities and Career Education Illustrations of Practice and the research into the feasibility of a Critical and Creative Thinking learning progression.

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