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How does an education sector analyse formative ASSESSMENT results, to diagnose NUMERACY learning needs, and then plan curriculum to help move students forward in their learning? 

Masterclass 2 | Narelle Morris | Thursday 1 August, 4:00pm | Roma Room 


Knowing your students is a crucial ingredient in the recipe to success in any subject. In Maths and Numeracy, it is essential that students develop a love for the subject through fun and being challenged;  but also, being catered for at their level. A range of diagnostic tools and strategies can be used to help with this process. This session will look at ways to implement these, and their success.

Narelle Morris

Teacher - FisherONE, MorrisMaths

Narelle is a Mathematics teacher with 35 years’ experience. She has a passion for supporting teachers, especially in regional areas. Narelle has developed Numeracy Programs across a wide range of schools, which involves making maths fun and accessible. She is currently developing "Connect before Content" to help foster an approach to maths across all levels. She has been part of the QAMT executive and facilitates the QAMT Senior Teachers Supporting Teachers program. Narelle has taught in Victoria, London and Queensland, and has attended the inaugural AAMT Exchange program to Singapore.

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