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How do curriculum leaders & teachers realistically UNDERSTAND, DESIGN and SHAPE curriculum, using a model that is WORKLOAD sustainable, and offers achievable & equitable planning for all Learning Areas

Masterclass 1 | Julie King | Thursday 1 August, 2:40pm | Terrace Room 


Curriculum management requires reflection and foresight. Using the features of the Australian Curriculum Version 9.0 website and resources that ACARA has developed to support curriculum management, you will work through some high-level planning activities to ensure you and your school can develop manageable and sustainable content that addresses all learning areas. By starting with the end in mind you will begin to plan how to deliver content to allow learners to provide the evidence you need to make decisions about where to next.

Julie King 

Senior Manager, Curriculum, ACARA

Julie King, Senior Manager, Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) works with the learning area curriculum specialists on projects such as the development of work samples, resources and professional learning. She is currently managing the Senior Secondary Review. Julie was the Project Lead, Digital Technologies in focus and Curriculum Specialist, Technologies. She coordinated the development and review of the F–10 Australian Curriculum: Technologies. Julie has previously worked as a teacher, distance education writer, curriculum advisor and manager for the NSW Department of Education. 

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