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Knowledge and skills as imperatives in Curriculum Design: The balance between EXPLICIT INSTRUCTION & INQUIRY BASED PRACTICES

Masterclass 1 | Toni-Hatten Roberts | Thursday 1 August, 2:40pm | Wickham Room 


There is overwhelming evidence that domain specific knowledge and skills must be explicitly taught to students. How does this fit with popular inquiry-based approaches? The best evidence from science, schools and researchers has found a “sweet spot.” This evidence, along with subsequent implications, will be presented with practical examples to inform attendees in their understanding and practice.

Toni-Hatten Roberts

Director of Teaching and Learning, Mastery Schools Australia

Toni Hatten-Roberts is a leader in the Science of Learning: bridging the gap between theory and classroom practice. She specialises in explicit and Direct Instruction pedagogy, instructional delivery, and design. She has had an extensive career in education and has been awarded the Schools Plus, Teacher of the Year Award for 2022 Teaching Fellow. In 2016, Toni was chosen by the National Institute for Direct Instruction in the United States as the Educator of the Year. She holds an Honours in Psychology with her research into the impact of verbal rehearsal on cognitive load being presented at the 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) in London in 2018. She co-founded Mastery Schools Australia and serves as a partnered Director at COGlearn. Toni is also the author of The Need For Speed: why fluency counts for maths learning, published by the Centre for Independent Studies.

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