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Developing CRITICAL THINKING as a contemporary skill for life long learning. 

Masterclass 2 | Paul Stronach and Nathan Christensen | Thursday 1 August, 2:40pm | Leichardt Room 


A defining characteristic of contemporary society is the proliferation of information: its sources, modes of transmission and means of creation, including by artificial intelligence. The opportunities and challenges accompanying this development have elevated the importance of being able to discern what constitutes quality information in terms of its reliability and trustworthiness. Such considerations provide the context for the increasing recognition by educational systems of the importance of developing critical thinking skills as a general capability during students’ engagement in compulsory schooling. 

Paul Stronach

Principal Education Officer

Paul is presently a Principal Education Officer in the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). Previously he has taught and held administrative positions in secondary schools both internationally and in Queensland over the last three decades. Paul’s professional interests include pedagogy to develop critical thinking capabilities and to foster engaged citizenship.

Nathan Christensen

Principal Education Officer

Nathan is an experienced educational leader, currently serving as the Principal Project Officer for Professional Learning Programs at the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). With over a decade at the Queensland Department of Education, he has honed his skills in educational leadership and pedagogy, holding roles such as Head of Science and Head of Learning & Digital Innovation. Nathan’s teaching areas are Mathematics and Physics, and he is passionate about building capacity in teachers to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills with their students. 

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