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How does an education sector analyse formative ASSESSMENT results, to diagnose LITERACY learning needs, and then plan curriculum to help move students forward in their learning?

Masterclass 1 | Megan Kelly and Paul Wood | Thursday 1 August, 2:40pm | Roma Room 


This master class explores how formative assessment in literacy can inform curriculum planning for student learning as an iterative process at a classroom, school and sector level.


Paul Wood and Megan Kelly will share how NSW system wide literacy assessment analysis and evidence-based curriculum reform has sharpened their focus on school and student learning needs and enabled their teams to prioritise resources and support schools more effectively. 


The NSW team will share some worked examples and resources for primary and secondary schools that demonstrate how ongoing literacy and curriculum based assessment can be used to identify learning needs, target teaching, school planning and sector wide support. Participants will walk away with an overview of how formative assessment, literacy and curriculum planning can 'work' at different levels as well as examples of school planning and classroom teaching in practice.

Megan Kelly

Curriculum and Reform DfE NSW 

Megan Kelly is the Executive Director of Curriculum and Reform at the NSW Department of Education. The NSW Curriculum Reform is a program to deliver a new curriculum for Kindergarten to Year 12 from 2024. The Curriculum Reform is an opportunity to support teachers in NSW Public Schools to implement and teach the new curriculum with a focus on evidence based pedagogy and assessment practices. The Curriculum and Reform team provides comprehensive implementation support to teachers, school and system leaders which includes professional learning, advice and resources.

Dr. Paul Wood

Executive Director, Educational Standards

Paul Wood is currently Executive Director, Educational Standards in the Teaching, Learning and Student Wellbeing Division, NSW Department of Education. Educational Standards designs and delivers high-quality supports to all schools and staff to enhance teaching & learning and curriculum that drives high educational standards and reduces the impact of disadvantage. Paul’s priorities are Literacy and Numeracy, Small Group Tuition, Assessment, Modern hybrid education, AI in Teaching and Learning, EAL/D and Anti-racism education.

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