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Working collaboratively in CURRICULUM design

Keynote 3 | Associate Professor James Davis | Thursday 1 August, 1:15pm | Grand Ballroom


In this presentation I describe an innovator’s strategy for working collaboratively in curriculum design. Successful innovation is grounded in four key factors: An idea that is novel and risky, the social and cultural values of stakeholders, the capabilities of the team, and a propensity for learning by the team. Underpinning these interconnected factors is our most fundamental economic resource in life: time. Time is important as we need to let time unfold for understanding risk, values, the team and what we may learn about curriculum design needs. This presentation will explore the notion of working collaboratively in curriculum design by defining and contextualising these factors. It is delivered as a provocation for thinking differently about curriculum design processes, to broaden possibilities for curricula to be strategic and novel, by embracing uncertainty and complexity in education.

Associate Professor James Davis

Associate Professor in Education at QUT

Dr James Davis is an Associate Professor in STEM and Entrepreneurial Education in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. He has established a program of research into innovation processes and entrepreneurial capabilities relevant to in educational contexts. James has several publications addressing entrepreneurial STEM education and a book focusing on teacher capability development (K-12) titled “How to become an entrepreneurial teacher: being innovative, leading change. He teaches across the preservice teacher education programs at QUT, and he supervises several research students. Currently James is an external curriculum lead with the Australian Council of Educational Research, developing a highly innovative national technology curriculum for an international client.


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